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Oahu Turtle Tour

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Destinations section

Diamond Head Lookout – (5-10min)

The most famous volcanic crater in the world is Diamond Head, located on the South-east Coast of Oahu at the end of Waikiki overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The name was given to the crater by British sailors in the 1800s. When they first saw the crater at a great distance, the calcite crystals in the lava rock appeared to glimmer in the sunlight. The sailors mistakenly thought there must be diamonds in the soil. Diamond Head is a crater that has been extinct for 150,000 years. The crater is 3,520 feet in diameter with a 760-foot summit. Our tour stops at a stunning outlook of panoramic views of the Pacific Coast on Diamond Head.

Halona Blowhole – (10-15min)

Halona BlowholeThe blowhole is a natural occurrence formed by molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The lava tubes run to the ocean and, when the surf is right, the blowhole shoots water up to 30 feet in the air. The larger the waves, the larger the spray.

Sandy Beach

Called “Sandy’s” by the locals, Sandy Beach, on Oahu’s southeastern coast, is a favorite of experienced body-boarders. When the surf is calm, this is a superb beach for swimming. However, when the surf is up, this beach can be treacherous due to the shore break and rip tide currents. Experienced body surfers find that the waves here have no equal anywhere else on the island.

Macadamia Nut Farm – (15-20min)

For over a decade, the Macadamia Nut Farm has been dedicated to offering the finest agricultural and cosmetic products at a fair price, in the most beautiful place, Hawaii. Sample free coffee or mac nuts or even learn how to crack your own macadamia nut!

Sunset Beach – (5-10min)

Sunset BeachHaleiwa and the North Shore of Oahu are known as the surfing capitol of the world. Vans Triple Crown- The Super Bowl of Surfing, is held here during November and December. Winter on the North Shore bring waves that may reach up to 20 feet. When the surf is pounding, this beautiful North Shore beach is the most spectacular in the world. Pipeline is THE wave every serious surfer wants to ride because it is the hardest. When it comes to surf, no matter what happens anywhere else in the world, it all comes back to the Banzai Pipeline!

Lunch @ Turtle Town – (30-40min)

Located on the beautiful Anahulu river in Haleiwa on the Oahu’s North Shore our lunch location boasts great food, beautiful scenery, Shave Ice, swimming, and shaded sitting arrangements. The private property is owned by a local family and sits on 22 acres just up the river from the famous double bridge at Haleiwa boat harbor. It is a great place to eat and relax. Our Gold tour option includes usage of a kayak or SUP (stand-up paddleboard). Paddling up the river is great fun! If you choose the Gold Option, you will be shuttled to Alii Beach Park after your paddling adventure to join the rest of the tour group for a half hour of swimming and snorkeling.

Turtle Beach with Snorkeling – (60min)

Oahu Turtle BeachThis beach offers great sand and an opportunity to relax. But best of all are the green sea turtles! These green sea turtles (honu) come close into to shore to feed on the seaweed growing on the rocks. These amazing reptiles can live up to be 80 years old! So whether you are viewing turtles from the beach, or watching them with a mask and snorkel, remember they have been on this earth a lot longer than we have so give them the respect they deserve. Always keep your distance and never try and touch or feed the turtles.

Dole Plantation – (30min)

Everything you need to know about pineapples. The Dole plantation has been open to the public since 1989 and is now one of Oahu’s most popular visitor attractions and welcomes more than one million visitors a year. The Pineapple Express and the Plantation Garden Tour are just a few of the activities for families to take part in. One of the greatest Oahu tour destinations!


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