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Five reasons to book your Oahu tour with Hawaii Turtle Tours

Looking for the perfect Oahu tour? Here are five reasons to book your Oahu tour with Hawaii Turtle Tours.

1) Small tour groups. Unlike many other Hawaii activities companies our buses have a 20 passenger capacity, so you will not travel with a huge group but enjoy a small intimate setting where you will feel part of our ohana. All our vehicles are clean and air-conditioned. Also, traveling in a smaller vehicle gives you the flexibility to visit more places. That’s especially true for private tours because you can access areas that larger buses can’t.

2) Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Enjoy expert narration on your tour. All our guides are trained and very knowledgeable of the Hawaiian culture, geology and history. You are encouraged to ask them questions about the island, culture or anything you want to know about Hawaii. Don’t be shy to ask your guide to take a photo of you and your party because we are there for you to make your Oahu tour the best part of your Hawaii vacation.

3) Reasonably priced tour. We keep our rates low and offer our most popular Oahu tour for $129 per person. Many other local tour companies sell similar tours for over $100 per person.

4) Read what other island visitors say about us. We have an excellent rating on TripAdvisor with 255 five star reviews. Our TripAdvisor audience is growing by the day so keep checking our TripAdvisor page to see what others are saying about us.

5) Our tour includes an extensive stop at Laniakea Beach, where you can see green sea turtles. Most of the other tour companies only briefly stop at Laniakea Beach. We stay longer so you can experience the best this beach has to offer. See other tour groups come and go while you swim or take pictures of the sunbathing honus (Hawaiian green sea turtles).

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