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The Best Features Of Oahu

Haleiwa Town

By Jonathan Howery

Snorkeling in the ocean and seeing all kinds on Hawaiian fish and sea turtles is an amazing experience on the original Hawaii Turtle Tour. The snorkeling takes place at a secret spot out in Haleiwa. All of the gear is included and a safety instruction is given before you take to the water. Also, you are nearly guaranteed to see a green sea turtle while snorkeling or walking along the beach.

Haleiwa town is a beautiful place and has a very rich history. Its old plantation town vibe is definitely seen and well preserved in the many different and rustic buildings. It is a very quaint little town and is a popular destination for tourists wanting to visit the North Shore for surfing, surf competitions, snorkeling, diving, shark cages, and horseback riding. When the United States of America was building Oahu up as the premier naval defense of the Pacific in the 1930s, they had added (4) 8-inch mortar railway guns located along the track on the North Shore. On December 7, 1941, the day that will live in infamy, was the day the Japanese Imperial Fighters bombed Pearl Harbor. There was only one US aircraft that managed to fight out against the Japanese attack and that took off from the old Haleiwa Airfield.

There are some great attractions in Haleiwa that are worth taking a day to explore in the town. Haleiwa Beach Park features access to surfing or standup paddle board lessons offered year round. The river is a great calm spot to learn on and there are turtles that swim up and down the riverbed. If that doesn’t appeal then kayaking or canoeing should. Everything is within walking distance. From shopping and eating to sightseeing the historic parts of the town, Haleiwa is a must see. Plus, Matsumoto’s Shave Ice is a local island favorite and sells the most popular shave ice, similar to a snow cone.

Have a great time on your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands. If you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email to

Loa’a wale lā!

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