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Oahu’s North Shore

Visiting Oahu’s North Shore is one of the highlights of this Oahu tour. Home of world-famous surfing beaches such as Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay, Oahu’s North Shore hosts one of the most popular surf competitions in the world, the Triple Crown of Surfing. During the winter months (October to February) waves heights can reach 30+ feet. These massive waves attract experienced surfers from around the world, so if you happen to be on this side of the island in the winter you way have the great chance to witness spectacular surfing competitions. If you visit in the summer months (May to September) the waves will be smaller, providing better swimming conditions.

As we drive by miles of white-sand beaches and lush greenery you will see why Hollywood film producers were inspired by this tropical beauty. Oahu’s North Shore is a popular filming location where TV shows and movies, such as LOST, Ride the Wild Surf, North Shore, Blue Crush, The Big Bounce and Forgetting Sarah Marshall were filmed.

Even though Oahu’s North Shore is the world’s surfing capital you will find that surfing is not the only thing to do here. The luxurious Turtle Bay Resort, located on a scenic peninsula at the doorway to the North Shore, features upscale beachfront accommodations and is a preferred a destination for romantic gateways. Here you can also enjoy two world-class golf courses, horseback riding and other cultural events. Right in the heart of the North Shore is Haleiwa town, where you can find the most choices of restaurants, art galleries and shops along this side of the island.

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