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North Shore Snorkeling Section

Snorkeling with TurtleHave you ever had the chance to snorkel with the all the magnificent creatures that fill the clear blue waters of Oahu? Here is your chance! Hawaii Turtle Tours recently purchased brand new Oahu snorkeling equipment to better accommodate our tour bus clients and would love for you to have a wonderful snorkeling experience! Don’t worry, we are professionals and are here to help you if it is your first time or your fiftieth time. No pressure. If you would rather bask in the sun and hang with the turtles on the beach, that’s fine too. Why pay other tours up to $100 for 3 hours of snorkeling when you can do it with us at your leisure with professional assistance and get all the advantages of our unique turtle tour? Book a tour today!

Why Oahu snorkeling?

Hawaii, the state, has 75 percent of all the coral in the United States and the Kona coast of Hawaii has an incredible 57 percent of all the coral and life of that. Over 5000 species of tropical fish, of which over 500 are found only in Hawaii, makes snorkeling and diving in clear warm waters so incredible. Water temp in winter dips to a low of 73F; in summer the water temperature high is usually in the upper 70s. Underwater fresh water springs can make certain sections colder in both summer and winter. Swimming with Oahu Turtles