Your Complete Guide to Oahu Snorkeling Spots
24 Nov 2015

Your Complete Guide to Oahu Snorkeling Spots

Looking for the best Oahu snorkeling spots?

24 Nov 2015
Looking for the best Oahu snorkeling spots? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran, Oahu’s got some of the best snorkeling in the world. This list of Oahu snorkeling spots is a great way to start exploring the marine life on this wonderful island.

The Complete Guide to Oahu Snorkeling Spots

In no particular order, here are the Oahu snorkeling spots you should check out on your next vacation:
  • Kuilima Cove – Also known as Turtle Bay Resort, beginners should start here. Waters are tranquil in this sheltered location, so even if your swimming skills aren’t stellar, you can feel safe and confident here.
  • Sunset Beach Park – During the winter time, this is the place to go for surfing. But, at other times of the year, you should stop by for some amazing snorkeling.
  • Sharks Cove – One of the top snorkeling locations on Oahu, this area has lots of boulders and coral reefs that house marine life. It’s located near two of the biggest North Shore surfing beaches, however, so avoid coming when the swell is up.
  • Kahe Point Beach Park – This is a great place since there are so many fish here. It’s best for intermediate or advanced snorkelers.
  • Three Tables – Three Tables, also a good spot for intermediate or advanced snorkelers, earned its name from the three table-shaped coral reefs underneath the water’s surface. Like many other North Shore locations, it is best explored during the summer.
  • Hanauma Bay – Arguably the most famous snorkeling area on the island, Hanauma Bay is fish central. It isn’t affected by large ocean swells, so snorkelers of any level can feel comfortable here. Thought it can be crowded at times, it’s well worth a visit.
  • Waimea Bay – During the summer, surfers and swells are gone, so it’s the best time to snorkel. Here, you’ll find a variety of fish and marine life, including the occasional spinner dolphin. Arrive early to claim a spot on the beach.
  • Kaena Point – The ocean floor here is made up of coral and white sand. It’s relatively flat and it’s an easy snorkel, but you will want to avoid days when the ocean is active, since the sand can get rather cloudy.
  • Makaha Beach Park – This beach is on the western shore of the island and is a popular surfing beach. Avoid it when the surf is up, since you’ll face competition from wave riders.
  • Ko Olina Lagoons – These lagoons are good for beginners, since they stay calm year round. They are also good spots to see the occasional green sea turtle.
  • Lanikai Beach – Lanikai is good for intermediate or advanced snorkelers, since the winds and waves can be difficult. If you’re up for the challenge, however, the coral reefs can offer some fascinating glimpses into Hawaii’s marine ecosystem.
  • Waikiki – In Waikiki, look for Queens Beach and Sans Souci Beach, or Kapiolani Park Beach. These two beaches offer the best snorkeling in this famous tourist area, but try to go when the waves are calm. Otherwise, the sand will limit visibility.
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