Oahu Tour to Waimea Bay

An awesome view is granted by Hawaii Turtle Tours while passing the legendary spot of Waimea Bay. Waimea Bay used to be a significant surfing spot during the 1950s at the beginning of big wave surfing. Daring surfers started to challenge the winter waves of Waimea, making big wave-riding a world-wide sensation. From November through February, the big wave season hits Hawaii. Waimea Bay attracts the best surfers in the world. Along with other famous spots including Ehukai Beach, aka Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Haleiwa Beach host world-renowned surf competitions. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing on Oahu is actually also known as the Super Bowl of Surfing, which happens annually between November and December. A legend on North Shore, Waimea Bay is also home to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition. Honoring Eddie Aikau, is this special contest that only happens during massive swells when The Bay calls the day. The sport’s best surfers appear between December and February to surf Waimea. The waves must be a minimum of 20-feet high or 30-foot face heights. This epic competition has only been called eight times in the last 24 years. With wide stretches of sand to sunbathe and picnic on, Waimea Bay is a beautiful North Shore Beach. The waves of Waimea usually diminish making the waters fit for swimming during the summer months. Please heed all postings and lifeguard warnings. If you take a moment, you can explore Waimea Valley. There is a botanical garden and cultural attraction that is home to the gorgeous Waimea Falls. A trip to Haleiwa for a cold shave-ice might hit the spot after the warm beach time. There is a parking lot at Waimea Bay, but parking is limited. This is one of the most popular beaches on the North Shore. Enjoy your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands and if you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email at  

Pipeline Beach and Surf

The Hawaii Turtle Tour makes time to pop on by Beach! Locals insist that the wave was surfed long before the 1960s, the first recorded surfing at Pipeline took place in 1964. Beyond the third reef, Greg Noll rode one of the most famous waves ever caught at. By 1971 the first Pipe Masters was held even though Pipeline was already legendary in the surfing sphere. The Pipe Masters is a contest that is still a major event in the surfing world today. The most deadly and perfect waves in the world have only increased Pipeline reputation. As the final stop of the ASP World Tour, Pipeline is home to the final event of the Vans Triple Crown. Also Pipe Masters, as the event is normally called, has taken place for decades at Pipeline. Other events happen each year, like the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. This promotes local talent and is an incredible show. Another event since 1971 is the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. This is an opportunity for surfers to bodysurf Pipe with no other surfers getting in their way. The Tidal 9 Women’s Pipeline Pro features women from around the world competing in three disciplines: body boarding, short boarding, and long boarding. Pipeline provides some of the greatest free shows on earth. The pipeline is all about catching the wave and getting barreled. Most experienced surfers at Pipe ride surf boards often called Pipe guns. Surfers at Pipeline have larger surf boards than they would use at other locations in order to catch the wave at Pipe. After the tour, if you want to get back to the beach then here’s how you do it. From the airport in Honolulu, travel to the North Shore. The only hotel in the area is the Turtle Bay Resort, located on the north end of the North Shore. But it is possible to find other places to rent out rooms, houses, or hostels in nearby Haleiwa. Abundant are good places to eat and fun things to do on the North Shore. Well, enjoy your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands. If you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email at  

The Dole Plantation

By Jonathan Howery Hawaiian pineapples are widely known by all the visitors coming to the islands. So it comes as no surprise that a visit to the Dole Pineapple Plantation is on the list for the stops on the Hawaii Turtle Tour. The Hawaiian Pineapple Company was founded in 1901 by James Dole, who opened his first pineapple plantation in the central area of Oahu. His cousin Sanford happened to be the governor of the territory after the US annexed the islands. This made exporting products to the mainland much more profitable. Including the original pineapple produced on the plantation, Dole also distributes fresh whole fruits, vegetables, and berries. With over 300 products in 90 countries its safe to say that business is good for the company. The pineapple ice cream is a favorite as well as a must try when purusing through the facility. There are also areas for eating and many different items for purchase in the shops. At Dole you can take an entire tour of the plantation on a train or even explore the maze. The Guinness book of world records lists the pineapple maze as the world’s largest maze. You can even just stroll through the gardens and check out the different varieties of pineapples just actually produced in the fields adjacent to the plantation. The grounds also feature some exotic plants and foreign trees from different locations around the world. Admission to the grounds is free and they feature plenty of activities such as pineapple cutting demonstrations. Plus there are the fish ponds where you can buy hand fulls of fish food to feed the many koi inhabitants. Whatever you do, the Dole Pineapple Plantation has something for everyone. Have a great time on your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands. If you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email to  

Halona Blowhole

By Jonathan Howery One of the stops along the way on the Hawaii Turtle Tour is to Halona Blowhole on the east side of the island of Oahu. The blowhole is a natural formation created from molten lava tubes during volcanic activity and eruptions. Thousands of years ago when Koko Crater was formed, lava poured into the sea where the blowhole is now located. The lava tubes run from a narrow opening in the surface to the ocean. When the waves and surf are right, the blowhole shoots out a water spray. The spray has been known to shoot up to 30 feet in the air. So the larger the waves, the larger the water spray. To the right of the blowhole is Halona Cove. This little patch of sand is also known as Cockroach Cove or Eternity Beach. Access to the beach is difficult as the cliff has brittle rocks that tend to break easily. On calm days its great to swim in the cove but it can also be dangerous to swim there while the surf is rough. You must take this into consideration as there are no lifeguards on duty. However, if it is a calm day you can see green sea turtles swimming and feeding in the cove from the top of the cliffs. Some interesting facts about Halona Cove is that it was the site of the famous love scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the 1953 film From Here to Eternity. Most recently there was a scene filmed on location between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the movie 50 First Dates as well as scenes from the music video Starships by Nicki Minaj. Enjoy your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands. If you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email at  


By Jonathan Howery Another one of the great stops that your guide will make along the way on the Hawaii Turtle Tour is to Makapu’u. Makapu’u is the most eastern end of the Island of O’ahu in the Hawaiian Islands chain. The cliffs at Makapu’u Point form that very eastern tip of the island and it is also the site of a 46 foot tall lighthouse. Makapu’u, in the Hawaiian language, means “bulging eye”. The name is thought to derive from a nearby cave hidden in the cliffs. The entire area where the tour bus stops, features a great panoramic and scenic view off the side of the highway. Along the Makapu’u area you’ll get to see and take pictures of some distinct places and landmarks. Near the stop is Sea Life Park, a large commercial aquarium featuring Hawaiian marine life and shows with trained dolphins and seals. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse is in range of pictures at the stop. It is still an active lighthouse established in 1909 by the US Coast Guard. Makapu’u Point State Wayside is a turn-off point with a paved road leading to the top. Its a great place to go back to and hike up as it is open to the public and leads up to Makapu’u Lighthouse. The trail is roughly 2 miles roundtrip and is well worth the trip to the summit lookout. Its a great place to view blowholes and whale watch during whale watching season on Oahu. Some other noteworthy marks for pictures are Makapu’u Beach Park and Manana Island. Makapu’u Beach Park is a local body and boogie boarding beach with easy catch waves unless its rough surf on the seas. Manana Island, also known as Rabbit Island, is an offshore volcanic formation known as a tuff cone that resembles a large rabbit’s head rising out of the ocean. It was once inhabited by introduced rabbits from a rancher in the 20th century. The island is now a protected bird sanctuary and is unfortunately off limits unless you have a permit. Well, enjoy your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands. If you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email at  

Proper Use of Snorkeling Equipment

By Jonathan Howery Snorkeling is one of the fun activities you can do with Hawaii Turtle Tours. Safety is a factor that plays a part as well as how to properly use the equipment while you are exploring the open ocean. To comfortably mold to the contours of a face, the skirt or face seals and straps are made from silicone. Salty water or chlorine from swimming pools can make these masks clouded over time. A fresh-water rinse after each use will be enough to keep the silicone skirt supple. A small amount of regular dish soap can be applied after using the mask. This will remove any sunscreen that came in contact with the silicone skirt. Rub some white toothpaste with your finger on the lens surface to gently polish off residue. An anti-fog solution could be applied to the inside of the lens before each use. Masks should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Store the mask in a protective box or case. Snorkels are practically care free. Just rinse the snorkel in fresh water after each use. However, the mouthpiece, snorkel keeper and purge valve are prone to wear and tear. The most comfortable mouthpieces are soft and easy to bite through and are easy to replace. The snorkel keeper lets the snorkel be attached to the mask and the purge valve is the one-way valve that allows water out, but will not let water in. Rarely does the purge valve malfunction or deteriorate. Just make sure to rinse the snorkel in fresh-water. Fins are like all other components of snorkel gear. A fresh-water rinse after each use and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight will preserve the fins. Remember that fins are meant for swimming, and not walking. Put fins on before entering the water and remove fins before you exit the water. Also do not put heavy objects on top of the fins in storage. The molded foot pockets may collapse. The fins will not be as comfortable the next time worn. A mesh gear bag is useful for storing snorkel gear. Enjoy your vacation here in the lovely Hawaiian Islands and if you have any questions about Hawaii Turtle Tours or about this blog, feel free to email at  

Top Oahu tours and things to do for first-time Hawaii visitors

Oahu tours

Are you a first-time visitor to Oahu? If so, you will soon find that there is an overwhelming choice of Oahu tours and things to do here. As you are getting out of the airport you will already notice hundreds of brochures of Oahu activities and things to do. So what to do first? If there is one thing you must do while on Oahu it is getting to know and exploring the island. Oahu tours are a lot of fun and take you to the most beautiful locations. Some island tours focus on one particular area of the island, for example Oahu’s south shore, while others are circle island tours that take you around the entire island. Hawaii Turtle Tours offers one of the most unique island experiences. In addition to circling around the entire island, their Oahu tours include snorkeling with Hawaiian green sea turtles. You adventure starts with an early morning pick-up in Waikiki. En route to Oahu’s North Shore, there will be many stops at popular attractions, such as Diamond Head lookout, Kahala (Beverly Hills of Hawaii) and Makapu’u lookout – all great places for picture taking. Oahu tours Heading north, there will be another stop at Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm where you can sample macadamia nuts and Hawaiian coffee. Once you reach the North Shore, you will see two of the most famous surfing beaches Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay. Love turtles? Then wait until you get to Turtle Beach! This is where friendly turtles come out of the water for a nap on the beach. Beach

Other popular Oahu activities

Attend a cultural event. Attending a Hawaiian luau is one of the most popular things to do on Oahu, a great mix of immersing yourself in local culture and enjoying great foods and musical entertainment in the same time. There are several luaus on the island, and what they all have in common is an all-you-care-to-eat buffet dinner and Polynesian music and dances. See the island from above. Seeing the island from a helicopter is an unforgettable experience. Oahu helicopter tours let you enjoy great aerial views of the island’s long white-sand beaches, lush waterfalls and remote valleys that are inaccessible from the ground. Some helicopter tours fly after sunset, which allows you to snap some pictures of Honolulu’s city night lights. See the island’s marine life. Oahu’s underwater world is one of a kind. Here you can see diverse marine life that exists nowhere else in the world. There are a few options you can do: take a submarine tour that lets you enjoy the underwater world without having to get wet or book a snorkel trip that takes you to the island’s top snorkel sites.

Oahu private tour from a neighbor island

Visit Oahu

If you are staying on one of the following Hawaiian islands – Maui, Kauai or the Big Island – you might want to add a day trip to Oahu during your Hawaii vacation. Since the Hawaiian islands are located close to each other (a 30 to 45-minute flight gets you to a neighbor island), island hopping is on the list of many visitors to Hawaii. The island of Oahu is nicknamed the “The Gathering Place” for a reason. It is where most visitors to Hawaii are headed. Oahu has something for everyone, the lively hustle and bustle of the city as well as a beautiful countryside. There are literally hundreds of things to do on Oahu. Oahu private tour Planning a visit to Oahu from a neighbor island is relatively easy. There are early morning flights that depart around 6 am, so by 7am you arrive in Honolulu. From the airport you can get a shuttle that will take you to the island’s most popular beachfront neighborhood of Waikiki, where you can swim at world-famous Waikiki Beach, visit Waikiki attractions or just spend a day browsing the numerous stores and restaurants. bigwaves

Oahu private tour

If you prefer to do a more comprehensive tour of Oahu, you can do an Oahu private tour with Hawaii Turtle Tours. You can create your own Oahu private tour and focus on the things you like. For example, if you are into surfing and beaches, Hawaii Turtle Tours will take you to the world-famous North Shore of Oahu where you can visit popular surfing beaches, such as Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay, as well as the surfing town of Haleiwa. Or visit Laniakea Beach and say hello to Hawaiian green sea turtles napping on the beach. If you are a history buff, Hawaii Turtle Tours will take you to Pearl Harbor where you can see the Arizona Memorial and other points of interest. A private island tour lets you choose the stops and how long you want to stay. At the end of the day you will have seen the best of Oahu at your own pace.

Five reasons to book your Oahu tour with Hawaii Turtle Tours

Looking for the perfect Oahu tour? Here are five reasons to book your Oahu tour with Hawaii Turtle Tours.

1) Small tour groups. Unlike many other Hawaii activities companies our buses have a 20 passenger capacity, so you will not travel with a huge group but enjoy a small intimate setting where you will feel part of our ohana. All our vehicles are clean and air-conditioned. Also, traveling in a smaller vehicle gives you the flexibility to visit more places. That’s especially true for private tours because you can access areas that larger buses can’t. 2) Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Enjoy expert narration on your tour. All our guides are trained and very knowledgeable of the Hawaiian culture, geology and history. You are encouraged to ask them questions about the island, culture or anything you want to know about Hawaii. Don’t be shy to ask your guide to take a photo of you and your party because we are there for you to make your Oahu tour the best part of your Hawaii vacation. 3) Reasonably priced tour. We keep our rates low and offer our most popular Oahu tour for $89 per person. Many other local tour companies sell similar tours for over $100 per person. 4) Read what other island visitors say about us. We have an excellent rating on TripAdvisor with 255 five star reviews. Our TripAdvisor audience is growing by the day so keep checking our TripAdvisor page to see what others are saying about us. 5) Our tour includes an extensive stop at Laniakea Beach, where you can see green sea turtles. Most of the other tour companies only briefly stop at Laniakea Beach. We stay longer so you can experience the best this beach has to offer. See other tour groups come and go while you swim or take pictures of the sunbathing honus (Hawaiian green sea turtles).   oahu tour

Oahu Eco Tour

Popular Oahu eco tour destinations and things to do

Explore a beach Oahu is the perfect beach destination. Here you will find all sorts of beaches that are perfect for a variety of activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing. One of the most popular and visited beaches on the island is Hanauma Bay, which sees an average of 3,000 visitors daily. The bay has crystal clear waters where you can snorkel and find yourself surrounded by unique tropical fish you will see nowhere else in the world! Other popular beaches are Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay, both located on Oahu’s North Shore. Most of the Oahu eco tour companies visit these North Shore beaches and spend around 10 minutes at each. The Oahu eco tour offered by Hawaii Turtle Tours is different that most other Oahu eco tours. We take you to Turtle Beach where we spend around 60 minutes of exploring, swimming and snorkeling with Hawaiian sea turtles. So not only will you get to see this beautiful beach, but experience it. Turtle Beach Stop at a scenic lookout You will discover the beauty of Oahu not just on beaches, but at many other spots, including on the road where you can stop and visit numerous scenic lookout points. Our Oahu eco tour takes you to the south shore of the island where you will visit a lookout point located at the foothills of Diamond Head. It overlooks Diamond Head Beach Park, and on a clear day, you can see all the way to the neighbor island of Molokai. In the winter months, it’s a great spot for whale watching. Visit a waterfall Two of the most popular waterfalls on Oahu are Manoa Falls and Waimea Falls. Manoa Falls, located in Honolulu, is easily accessible from Waikiki with a bus or a car, which makes it a popular Oahu eco tour. It is a 0.8 mile trail that takes you through a lush rainforest offering numerous photo opportunities along the way. The trail takes around 45 minutes one way and ends at the base of the falls. Waimea Falls is located in Waimea Valley on the North Shore of the island. The falls is located within a botanical garden, and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get to it. Waimea Falls cascades into a pool, which is frequently open for swimming. Along the way you will enjoy unique Hawaiian flora and fauna, and you can see numerous archaeological and cultural sites.